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Since its foundation in 2011, the company has been profiled as a financial, commercial and consulting company.

We offer consulting services to Czech, Slovak and Russian-speaking clients based on existing knowledge in the sphere of know-how in export financing, insurance and project management.

We help manufacturing, medical and applied researches foreign companies along in the form of a trade representation in Czech Republic and in general for the regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Russian-speaking countries.

The logical continuation was the subsequent ability to help with the composition of the equity fund, and the proven ability to link private equity with a healthy and financed business.

We participated in the number of consummated commercial transactions of tens of millions of Euros during the first six year. And in response to the growing clientele and the satisfaction of its needs, we expanded our business by including M&A and exit strategies.

We cooperate with leading legal and expert organizations with excellent orientation in our community, which allows us to adhere to the "local movement" in our region of Czech Republic.

We are expanding our activities in 2018 and include consulting services applicable to Wealth Management and investment portfolio management.



DELUVIS CZ - member of ARCA CAPITAL investment group - contractual cooperation, distribution of Arca Capital financial products - www.deluvis.cz, www.arcacapital.com


MAGUS ENERGO s.r.o. - representative of the manufacturer of testing laboratories for Russian-speaking countries - www.magus.cz

Compositas a.s.

Compositas a.s. - partnership and business cooperation in original composite and polymer solutions for various spheres of application - www.compositas.com


Advanced First Aid Research Pte. Ltd (Singapore) - medical device, R&D Company - distribution of license and manufacturer's products - business cooperation. — www.advfar.com

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